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Martha's wedding shower


Katie and Megan organized a wedding shower for Martha for today. Katie has been hosting the most pleasant of events like this, starting with Megan's baby shower earlier this year. There's something to be said for the calm, pleasant, enjoyable showers like this, compared to the awkward, uncomfortable, riotous bachelorette parties that include a stripper.

A stripper? Yeah, we talked about that. I mentioned how one I went to had a stripper and how awkward and uncomfortable it was for pretty much everyone when he came. The party was during the day, the stripper was icky (read: drunk and oiled up), and all of us were uncomfortable, including the guest of honor who was invited to touch - she declined).

Martha was relieved we didn't invite a stripper.

About as relieved as i was.

Megan brought some tasty, tasty desserts. Mmmmmmmmm.... I could get fat on those desserts....

Oh, wait.

At one point, before we had all settled outside at the gorgeous table Katie had set for us, Megan stepped away to get her camera. She took three steps, then turned around and walked back outside. "What do I need my camera for?" she asked. "Kitt's here."

I wonder if I should take fewer pictures.


I wonder if I should subtitle that one More Fist Pumping!.

I did, however, take so many of the flowers at the table that Megan was forced to ask, "You are going to take pictures of the people, too, right?"

I did.

No, really.

I even managed one of the lone interloper:

But, yeah, the flowers were so pretty I couldn't really resist.

Well, and the babies. The babies were cute, too.