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What does that spell?


So, Kris, Andy and I were floating in Josh's raft today, having convinced both Andy to come with us in an oar both, and Josh that he could take three passengers. Josh's boat was loaded with the most equipment, so there really wasn't room for three passengers if we went down big rapids.

I was lazily resting in the back, looking up at the sky, when I noticed there were four small clouds in a line. As I'm wont to do with letters on license plates and clouds that look like typographical symbols, I immediately made a word.

I called up to the front of the boat, pointing out the clouds. "What do those clouds spell to you?"

Kris looked up for a moment. "I don't know. Good maybe?"

Andy answered, "I see Goal."

"Oh," I paused, unsure how Josh would take this. "I see cunt."

Everyone laughed.