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$150k for clothes? What'd I do with that.


With the current uproar on the $150,000 spent on clothes in the last few days for the woman who has done more to harm women in politics than any other woman this century, I couldn't help but think about what I would do if someone handed me $150,000.

Without even thinking about it, I'd drop $100,000 into paying off at least part of one of my mortgages. Paying down a debt when both the interest rates are most likely going to go up, and the tenants aren't paying rent anyway seems like a no-brainer to reduce the financial burden and give me some breathing room.

That other $50,000?

In about this order:

  1. Pay off the car
  2. Pay off the loan for the roof on the Indiana house
  3. Prepay my and Kris' Velocity membership for a year
  4. Remove the wall between the kitchen and the living room, opening up that space and fixing the tiny tiny kitchen problem.
  5. New electrical in the house
  6. New plumbing in the house

I think I'd run out of money before I managed to get to the new plumbing in the house. My laptop's screen has started to deteriorate, showing both bad pixels and dead spots. Given the laptop helps me earn my livelihood, I probably should put a replacement in that list. And at some point, I'm going to have to buy new clothes, I'm sure. Just not yet, and not $150,000 worth.

Of course, with $150,000, I could buy that Flip video thing, if I weren't so anti-consumerism at this point.