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Martha, don't read this


Well, the saga of the wart on the bottom of my foot continues. I can't say I'm particularly happy about the turn of events with this thing, as it's starting to separate from my foot, but isn't doing it as quickly as I'd like.

I decided not to let it slow me down, in terms of ultimate or Velocity, but good lord, having a gaping wound on the bottom of one's foot isn't exactly conducive to athletic endeavors.

Here's how bad it is (Martha, don't click through):

I'd be grossed out if I weren't so fascinated with it.


Hi there:

Well, I did a google search for wart, foot, throbbing and your blog popped up. I have had my wart on the bottom of my foot for four years. I was walking in my kitchen and I felt a sudden piercing as if I had stepped on glass. Couldn't find the splinter. The next day in the same area of the kitchen the same thing happened to the other foot. Totally weird. Have done everything to get rid of it. Worn banana skins on my feet, salycylic acid, draw out salve. Will be using some foot patch and maybe some blacksalve with bloodroot. But I totally believe it can last for 20 years. What an annoyance. Oh well, we're both still alive. It's interesting that your wart began around the time your folks divorced. Mine began the year my mother died and a friend betrayed me. Now I'm wondering...uhm... stress, unforgiveness, grief issues. Maybe warts just lie there waiting for our immune systems to be stressed. Gonna ponder this. Anyway, I just am commenting because weirdly you gave me a bit of hope and removed some stress from me to see that one can have this thing for so long and still be relatively well. So, yeah, your blog too some stress away. Now, am off to maybe attempt to forgive weird friend. Maybe it'll help this wart.