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Flooring part one


Tonight, for reasons that are completely incomprehensible to me at this moment, I decided that "NOW IS THE TIME" for me to redo the kitchen flooring. The new laminate has been sitting in the living room for months (MONTHS!) now, and darn-it, it was time to finishing putting lipstick on this pig.

So, I pulled out the first piece from the box, tried to figure out which corner to put it in, trimmed it down, put it in the corner and nailed it down. That first piece didn't seem so hard, so I placed the next piece. Okay, that was simple enough, I thought after a couple pieces were down, and shoved the oven out of the way to clean under it.

Flooring nail

Two hours later, and I've finished half of the kitchen.

I have to say I am thrilled at finally covering up some of the gouges that have been in the old flooring since we moved in. They've pretty much always annoyed me.

I need some help moving the oven to its old location, but over the edge of the new flooring and the old flooring, and some time to move all the items from the racks in my well-stocked kitchen. I'm not sure about the refrigerator, though, how much it'll move easily. I recall from when Melissa was around that one of the two big appliances moves easily, so it must be the fridge because the oven sucks.

I ended up putting felt circles on some furniture sliders to go under the oven feet. I figure they'll last all the way up until I need to mop the floor, then be completely destroyed. In the meantime, I can slide the over around a bit.

Furniture Slider

I wasn't sure about the color of the floor after I had bought it and thought about it for a while. I bought it to match the living room's hardwood floors, but think it may end up being too dark for the room. That it matches Bella's coloring nearly perfectly is a humourous observation and quite possibly part of my motivation.

Bella on new flooring

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