Finally discarding that note


Just before my move to the SF Bay Area, I had a note to myself with a list of things to do.

It reads:

San Fran



San Fran
Great Highway (near cliff house)
GG pk
Pac. Cst Bike rte

Palace of Leg. of Honor

Roller Blading 
6 . 7 . 66 . 71 @ Central or Msonic

33rd & Irving Sunset Soccer

11/22 vacation day

Call moves; 

Betty -> #vacdays

This was clearly before I knew you NEVER call San Francisco "San Fran" or "Frisco," it's always "the City."

I'm chuckling at the biking references, since I haven't been interested in biking since Guy and I split THIRTEEN YEARS ago (though the reference then is perfectly understandable).

The other locations are probably ultimate games.

November 22nd was a vacation day, and I was interested in how many vacation days I would be cashing out as I left my job in Los Angeles and moved north.

This note is clearly from November 1997.

And yes, I'm throwing it out now.

Of note, my handwriting is the same now as it was then: mixed lowercase and uppercase to keep all of my letters the same x-height (the distance between the baseline and median of a typeface).

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