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Inventor's Manifesto


I could have hugged each and every person involved with Camp Galileo today after I walked into Jackson's classroom to pick him up, and saw these words on the wall:

Be Visionary
I envision a better world
I imaging things that don't yet exist
I believe that it's my place to turn ideas into reality

Be Courageous
I freely share my creative thoughts
I stretch myself to try new things
I embrace challenges

Be Collaborative
I value the unique perspectives of others
I build on the ideas of otehrs
I use my strengths to support the work of others

Be Reflective
I take the time to think about what is and what isn't working in my design
I think about how my work impacts other people and the world
I seek feedback to improve myself and all my work

Be Determined
I persevere until I have achieved my goal
I recognize setbacks as opportunities to learn
I know that innovation and mastery require effort

Talk about a manifesto for life, not just building games.

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