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Learning by trying


So, the first lesson Jackson has learned about what this week could hold, and it might just become the most frustrating for him.

While I'm a big fan of learning and teaching,, I'm not a big fan of just answering questions if I can lead someone to the answer or if someone could figure out the answer with a little effort. That whole being resourceful thing that Kris espouses so much.

I know that I was always frustrated when Dad said, "Look it up!" after I asked him a question, but, yeah, I learned better because of his approach (though, in retrospect, he may have said that because he didn't know the answer).

So, when he asked, "Are those live fish?" when we were still at the airport, I said, "Let's look."

I hope he doesn't become frustrated with my teaching methods, though, if he ends up becoming more resourceful, his frustration will be worth it in my mind.

In the meantime, first lesson of "let's try it!" learned.

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