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Currently looking for small Drupal projects


I'm currently looking for Drupal contract work. In particular, I'm looking for smaller projects, short-term work. A smaller project can be an entire project start to finish for a site that is well defined in terms of features and can use most of the modules that currently exist (that is to say, minimal custom work); or a part of a larger project. The small part of a larger project appeals to me, as I enjoy working in groups and seeing parts come together into a fantastic whole.

My resume is Drupal heavy as of late, and I'd like to continue that. I am not, however, opposed to other PHP work. I'm good with PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, browser Javascript (drifting towards jQuery), integrating sites together (consuming APIs, so to speak), and Linux/Apache/SSL site setup.

Please do contact me if you have a Drupal project (or maybe another project that could be otherwise interesting, no sense in limiting myself to just Drupal!).

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