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RIP Troggie


Years ago, when I started travelling a lot (for talks and for fun), Mom handed me a small green frog, named her Troggie, and asked me to keep her with me when I travel. Troggie has been a constant companion, hanging out in the lower small pocket of my blue backpack, coming out and having her picture taken when we were in spectacular locations.

She's been to New Zealand with me. She's been to Tanzania with me. She's been to Zanzibar with me. She's been to Portland with me. She's been to Canada with me. She went to Twitter with me. She's been to Ireland with me. She's been to Indiana with me. She's been to Brooklyn with me. She's been to Phoenix with me. She's gone on a cross-country trip with me and my brother. She's been to Australia with me. She's been to Argentina with me, in an attempt to visit Antarctica.

Aaaaaaaand, she's been to Scotland with me.

This is my last photo of Troggie. She was posing with the Edinburgh Castle in the background.

Troggie in Edinburgh

I took pictures of Troggie in all of these places, sending them to Mom. Some of the pictures were amusing (in the palm of the outstretched hand of a statue of a famous dignitary is one of my favorites), most were just Troggie.

Two weeks ago, Troggie hitched a ride in a jacket pocket, then snuck out when I was walking back to my hotel before Scotch on the Rocks, in Edinburgh. I kept hoping she'd turn up, once I noticed her missing. I hoped she had snuck back into one of my bags when I wasn't looking. Today, I admitted defeat.

She's gone.

I am le sad. I hope she's having a good time in Edinburgh, and that the next person who hangs out with her goes on a large number of adventures with her, too.

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