Of cleats and toenails


"Hey, Todd, you still play soccer a lot?"


"Do you have all of your toenails?"

"Heh. Yes, of course."

"Have you ever lost a toenail?"

"Does that still happen these days?"


"I heard my dad talk about how he used to lose toenails playing soccer. I don't think anyone has that problem any more."

"... Okay."

Apparently, crazy toenails are a thing of a previous generation, and not something that currently happens with modern shoe technology. I was unaware of these advances, and continue to do cleats incorrectly.

That all said, boy, am I having fun playing ultimate these days. I am way out of shape, I'm slow, my throws aren't crisp, I can't cut deep to catch a huck to save my life (of course, the throws not actually making it as far as I've cut, and my having to turn around to find the disc, and same lane hucks, are not helping my cutting-deep stats at all), but dang, am I having fun.

Not playing IN a thunderstorm is nice. Playing one last point when lightning strikes close is not. While I didn't turf that throw on purpose, I was very happy to have that point end quickly.

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