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Hill sprints


As part of my decision to be more fit, I decided yesterday I was going to run up the local monster sledding hill not once, but twice today.

I brought my running clothes to work, and on the way home, stopped at the hill to change into shorts and running shoes, and headed out to the hill.

My goal was two runs up the hill: the first one as hard as I could, the second one just make it to the top.

I walked down to the bottom of the hill and took this picture:

And then up I went.

The first run took me 57 seconds to do.

Back down the hill I went, noting the time, and back up I went.

The second run took me 62 seconds to do.

And then I thought, "I have another one in me."

My butt muscles were screaming at me, which reminded me of the conversation about quad and calves vs hamstrings as a way to move up a mountain. I use my hamstrings, planting my heels and pulling backward, instead of using my quads and calves by lifting the knees, landing on the toes with bent legs and driving upward with my quads. I tried to adjust my gait on the third run up, to use my calves and quads, but ran out of steam half way up. The third run took me 78 seconds.

I spent the next 5 minutes at the car stretching, trying to unknot my butt muscles, with little success, I'm afraid. I then spent the next 8 minutes doubled over trying hard not to puke as I was wracked with cramps. I probably should have just puked and been done with it.

So, hill conquered three times, 50% better than my original plan. I am pleased with this.

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