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Slam and a Commentary


Okay, first a slam, and then a commentary.


Hi Kit,

Hope you're well. I noticed your went to CalTech and wanted to see if you'd be interested in ...

Kitt with two Ts.

Are is a linking verb, so, "[I] hope you are good," or "[I] hope you are doing well."

The shortened name of the California Institute of Technology is spelled "Caltech," with a little t.

And I noticed you, not your, went, though you could make it your if you added a gerund after it and continued the sentence, "I noticed your graduating from Caltech and wanted ..."

Though, after I look at that, I can see people thinking that it should be "I noticed you are graduating..." which would be "I noticed you're graduating...", and while those thoughts could be correct, in this context, they are not. I am not (future tense) graduating from Caltech, I (past tense) graduated from Caltech. The "your" in this case is the possessive of the gerund "graduating" referring to an event in the past, and "I noticed your graduating from Caltech" is, indeed, correct grammar.

Run-on sentences and partial sentences, notwithstanding.


I recognize that immediately being put off by grammar errors is a very snotty thing to do. I catch myself correcting people grammar, thankfully before I voice the correction these days, and remind myself that the language is constantly evolving. Communicating well is better than just communicating, and just communicating is better than communicating poorly. One doesn't need perfect grammar to communicate well or even just.

That all said, if you email me at the email address I give you, don't spell my name with one T. It's worse than spelling my last name with one D. It is RIGHT THERE IN THE EMAIL ADDRESS, or the URL, or the google search, or what have you.

I know that cold calling people is hard. I know that people are suspicious of recruiters. I know that trying to find people for jobs is hard, much harder for good people for jobs (and I am good at what I do). I know all of this and I know that if you want me to contact you back, you have to get my name right first.

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