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Keenly Aware


When looking for a course to go through with Jackson to build a cross-platform Instagram clone as our summer project this year, I came across this author's description:

"Martin has been programming in various object-oriented languages for over 2 years so he is keenly aware of best practices and techniques."

Okay, I COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY agree that someone can be teaching within two years of learning a subject. Absolutely. Yes. A great way to understand is to teach.


"Keenly aware."

I read that as, "I know some of what best practices are and I kinda know that I should be doing them, but I really don't have enough experience to actually apply them to my projects." If you've been developing for only two years, don't mention your expertise or lack of expertise, focus on other things, like how well you teach or how entertaining you are or how much you love your dog. Two years and only keenly aware? Ehhhhhhhhhh, no.

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