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Chocolate One and Chocolate Two


Oliphest 2016 continues with... dun dun duuuuuuuuuun! Chocolate!

Croston was a little concerned that we were considering Oliphest for another Chocopocalypse this year, but we assured him that that holiday happens only once a year, at the end of Lent.

First up was Enchanté Chocolate. See that é? Yeah, just like the Pokémon é. Which means, I just lurrrrve this place.


Not because it isn't fantastic, because Enchanté is fantastic and fun. It's just that The Meadow is just so amazing.

And yes, we went to The Meadow next. I was expecting to go to the one on 23rd, and Matthew let me know the PHESTIVAL WAS NOT CROSSING THE BRIDGE. That Matthew, he's a smart one.

As I walked into The Meadow, I was delighted to find four bars of my most favourite chocolate in all the world. I grabbed them up, to have Sagan giggle at me.

I couldn't find any of my second favourite chocolate, the Patric Dark Milk, so I picked up a couple others that would tide me over, and asked the woman working at The Meadow if all of her stock was out. We then chatted about the cycles of Patric, and the current lull in chocolate varieties as Patric is off at school (OMG, how amazing is this?). She was surprised when I bought up all the remaining Gardini milk chocolate sea salt bars, as she was considering stopping carrying them. They weren't selling well in her store.

My response was, "Nooooooooooooooooooooo!"

And then a measured, "Am I the only one buying these?" Turns out, yes, yes I am. B and I are buying all of The Meadow's supply of these bars.


I might have to convince Matthew to journey to the Meadow monthly and buy up all the Gardini's milk chocolate sea salt bars, just as I have B do it at the 23rd St Meadow.

Back to Oliphest. The chocolate shop event was a success! Just look at the wall of chocolate:

And the salts.

Who can forget the amazing salts here?

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