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I ran a 5k today.

While I've been walking 10k steps pretty much every day for the last I don't know how long, I haven't been doing any aerobic exercise to speak of. The occasional five sets of 200 jumprope jumps in a row, while intense, aren't really consistent enough to "count" as aerobic. Hard, yes. Aerobic, yes. Long enough timewise to matter? I'm unsure.

And the deconstructed burpees? Yeah, those are all slow paced.

So, inspired by Ben's 5k run this weekend, I went out today to run a 5k-ish. I don't have the exact distance marked out, but it appears to be 3.1 miles on the gmap pedometer site, if I start a few houses (read, "three") down. Which I did. After much fussing. Been so long since I went for a "long" run, do I Strava? Do I Zombies, Run, but without zombie chases? Do I go find my computer, see if I can figure out some music that I haven't sync'ed in years and try to put that on my phone? After hemming for about a minute, I turned on airplane mode, turned on the timer, shoved the phone into my bra and started running.

Even though I wasn't running for time, my expectation was 36 minutes. I managed 2km before the cramps hit me like a truck. Those cramps drive me nuts. They aren't menstrual cramps, but, man, they are in the same place. I had to walk a couple hundred meters before starting back up.

Still, even with the walking, managed a 31:05 5k.

Sooooooooooooo sloooooooooooooooooow.


First step back to ultimate shape, base fitness.


Good for you!

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