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Two Classmates Walk Into a Bar


Okay, so, tell me, what are the chances that two classmates from Phoenix, Arizona, both end up living in the capital of another country? Let's be real, not very high.

Yet, here we are.

Jonathan and I went all the way to the west end to meet up with Brad and Lily, the former I hadn't seen in decades, the latter I had never met. Except there's a non-zero chance I had actually crossed paths with Lily, as she loves ultimate as much as I do. We might have played against each other at some game in the OCUA leagues, just please let her never have played for that terrible team that insisted I remove my jersey when I stood on the far sideline, because it "distracted their teammates." (Editor: no, she did not, she played at my level, not at the chump level of that team.)

Meeting up was more than a little bit awkward before we settled into reminiscing mode, and then lunch was just so lovely. I am delighted to meet up with these two, hear their history, learn about their kids, and just catch up. I am so hopeful we can hang out frequently soon.

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