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But not like Kitt


Me: "No, Mom, I don't think you're eating enough."

Mom: "You don't?"

Me: "No, I don't. You restrict what you eat and don't eat enough of what you do eat."

Mom: "Huh. Do you agree?"

Eric: "Yes, but don't eat like Kitt does."

Me: "What does that mean?"

Eric: "You find something you like and binge on it for weeks. That's not healthy either."

Me: "..."

Looking out at the world from the inside of our own heads / hearts / minds / thoughts, recognizing our patterns is difficult. I can't say that I thought of my eating habits as a single-focused, binging diet. After having it pointed out, I could recall my rice only phase in high school, and my bagel only phase also in high school, and maybe a ramen phase in there somewhere. There might have been some other eat-this-every-day foods, but I hadn't thought they were obsessive or long.

Clearly, I thought wrong according to Eric.

The comment brought me up short, because the idea of binging doesn't fit my story, according to the stories I know. And yet, Mom didn't contradict him, and I trust these two very much.

I wonder what other stories I keep getting wrong, and if everyone around me is going to keep dropping truth bombs on me until my world crumbles.

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