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Running Loops


As I do in lockdown mornings, I go for walks. Beagle needs walking, lets me know that we are walking, and then tells me we are walking now. I appreciate the routine, and the early morning movement, so I'm grateful for his reminders.

This morning on the walk, as we were walking along, beagle sniffing all the things, my learning about the post office's late 1700s difficulties, a conversation and squeaking noise approached from behind. Worried someone might come within the recommended physical separation distance, I turned to see what the noises were. I saw a young kid riding his bike along side a woman running. The two were chatting in a parent-child way, the boy wandering a bit on his bike as she ran straight.

And it reminded me of my Orleans runs around the block with Hayden. I'd plan to go for a run and invite the boys to bike along side me. They usually said no, but every once in a while one would say yes. We'd go off, my running with his biking slowly next to me. We'd progress around the neighborhood, loop around blocks, and cross our paths in figure eights shaped by parking lanes and side streets. Sometimes a truck a of teenagers would hoot at me, and Hayden would be puzzled, then grumpy when he realized what happened.

I never ran fast, was out of shape, but I enjoyed the run. I enjoyed the kid's company. Running next to him is a nice memory, surfaced by mother and child running by me today.

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