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My third of n watercolors of Neko Harbor, poorly lit. The image below was taken with the paint still wet, so the colors are different now than with dry paint.

I went slowly on this one. I had spent time planning how I would paint the scene, writing out the steps and reworking the process until I was happy with trying it.

So, each step along the way with this one, I stopped and let the paint dry before moving onto the next step. While I am excited I finally have the glaciers in the foreground, the shape of the mountain in the back, along with the ground fog, just are not good. I suspect I had some good beginner's luck with the first Neko, and I'm overthinking this one with this patient process. The ice is by far the wrong blue. I am, however, delighted I used the Crayola paints on this one.

Watercolor on paper, 3" x 2"
Other versions: Reference 1 2

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