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What Would You Pay Me?


In August of 2018, Jonathan, the boys, Carol, and I all went to Los Angeles for a family vacation. We were in Santa Monica for a week, and Ventura for another week. We visited the Dillers, and went to a number of my old haunts. We went on hikes, I learned about Hayden's amazing ability to do a billion pullups. We went to museums, the boys remarkably interested in things at the Getty. We went to the amusement park at the Santa Monica Pier. We went to TopDrawer for the first time. We went to the Hollywood sign. Well, I did. I managed to frustrate Lucas enough that he turned around, and I was frustrated enough I kept going up to burn off my frustrations. We went to the Inn of the Seventh Ray. That trip was nominally a good trip. I deeply, deeply regret not posting here about our adventures on that trip.

One event that stands out, the five of us were at P.F. Changs in Pasadena. The sushi we ordered came with a side of wasabi in a little plastic cup. After the meal had started, Lucas asked about the wasabi. He made the same mistake I had when I was five years old and thought the whipped butter brought to the table was ice cream and I wanted to have ice cream because brother Chris was having ice cream. Lucas thought the wasabi was actually edible.

After being told what the wasabi was, and HOW SPICY it was, he asked Jonathan, "How much will you pay me to eat this?" While Jonathan tried very hard to get "I will not pay you to eat that wasabi, do not eat the wasabi," he was no match for my immediate and very loud, "Twenty bucks!" Carol was shocked at me, "Kitt!" Jonathan was horrified. I was grinning like a mad woman.

Lucas' eyes grew big, twenty dollars?!? and he was IN! He was going to eat this wasabi.

Lucas tried. He really did. He tried the full bite, and to say he nearly threw up whlle trying to get the wasabi off his tongue, would be, well, quite truthful. I don't recall if I paid up the $20 for the try, but I really hope I did. Maybe Lucas or Jonathan will drop a comment here and let me know if I paid up. If not, I owe Lucas $20 for that entertainment, plus interest.

So, why do I recall this story today (other than the fact I'm backposting 13 years of Snook posts, a story for another day)? Or rather, last night?

Because at dinner last night, Rhys asked me, "What would you pay me to eat this?" as he held up a small plastic container of wasabi. Grue's immediate answer was, "I'm not going to pay you to eat that wasabi," while Dena's response was, "Do not eat that wasabi." My response was an immediate and very loud, "Twenty bucks!" and I was laughing. I reached over to my pocket and pulled out a twenty dollar bill, and set it on the table. "What? No!" came quickly after my twenty drop, followed by a, "Wait, you'll pay me $20?"

"Yes, yes I will. $20 to eat it and keep it down."

"Hold on." Rhys stood up. "I've been watching YouTube videos about this. I know what to do." He walked into the house and came back out with a small glass of milk. I think Dena was mortified, and Grue was amused. I was grinning like a mad woman.

Rhys took a swig of milk, and popped that wasabi ball into his mouth. He followed it up with the rest of the milk in the glass. To say he nearly threw up whlle trying to get the wasabi down his throat, would be, well, quite truthful. His body tried a few times to eject the milk. Dena commented the impressve part was that I managed to get Rhys to drink a glass of milk. Go me.

I paid up very quickly, and asked him what was going on with his body, was the wasabi going down. He explained what the YT videos he watched said was going on. The conversation was fascinating. He talked about how his body felt in the different places, what hurt, what didn't. Maybe how much the milk was helping or not. The whole experience was part entertainment, part learning, part memory, and part time is a flat circle.

What I really want to know, however, is what happens when the wasabi comes out the other end.

20 dollars on a table between cups

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