Melissa's Quiche

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2 pie crusts, pre-made from the store (see note 1)
1 large, white onion
1 bunch broccoli (about 5-6" round)
1 slice Skylines Farm ham (see note 4)
1 1/4" long piece of the cheddar cheese block (see note 5), makes about 2 cups shredded
1/2 cup heavy cream
1 cup milk
5 eggs (see note 3)
1 tablespoon butter
1 teaspoon of nutmeg
Few grinds of pepper

Remove pie crusts from the freezer, remove from packaging, place on counter to warm up. Don't worry if they crack.
Preheat oven to 425°, have rack in the middle of the oven

Chop onion
Chop broccoli (small bite size pieces, use the stem, too)

Melt butter in pan over medium heat
Add onions, cook for 2 minutes
Add broccoli, cover skillet with lid
Stirring occasionally, then replace the lid, cook onions and broccoli until broccoli is cooked to desired crunchiness - broccoli is steamed in this process, while onions are cooked and browned with the skillet heat
Remove from heat when done
Stir in ham (prepped during this cooking) into onions and broccoli to heat ham a bit

While onions are cooking:
Trim fat on the ham
Chop ham into cubes, whatever thickness the slice is
Shred the cheese into small bowl

Whisk eggs, milk, cream, and nutmeg in a large bowl

Assemble the quiches:
Spread a layer of cheese into bottom of pie crust(s), use about 1/3 of the cheese
Add ham-onion-broccoli mixture into pie crust(s), divided evenly if using two crusts
Spread remaining cheese into pie crust(s)
Pour egg mixture into pie crust(s), divided evenly if using two crusts
Grind or shake pepper over top of eggs in the pie crust(s)

Place assembled quiches into oven, middle of the oven. Okay to put two in at the same time.
Set a timer for 10 minutes.
After 10 minutes, reduce oven temperature to 325°
Bake for another 35-40 minutes if using a deep dish pie crust, 25-30 minutes for normal crusts. Top should be lightly browned
Remove from oven, let stand for 10-15 minutes before enjoying

1. The recipe says deep dish. So, use one deep dish or two normal pie crusts
2. It would be okay to substitute the 1/2 cup cream with 1/2 cup milk
3. The eggs used were from the young chickens, so smaller. If they are larger, maybe use fewer
4. The ham slice was about 3/8" thick, about 8-9" in diameter
5. The cheddar cheese block is about 3" x 3" square, so, 1 1/4" of this block
6. We considered feta when eating the quiches, which might work wonderfully in this recipe!

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