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Scalzi Story

Wherein I take a band name from Scalzi’s Next Band Name list, and spend no more than 20 minutes writing the story with the band name as a title.


He bounded into the living room.

This was his favorite place to be. It was the hub of everything. Everything, just everything happened here. He ran over to the couch, leapt into the air, turned and landed on the couch butt first.

Oh, that was so much fun, he hopped back off the couch, and ran to the far side of the kitchen. He pushed off the wall, and sprinted back into the living room. Leaping from farther away, this time he stretched out into a Superman pose mid-air, before landing on the couch belly first.

Yeah, that was great.

He looked around the room as he lay there. What else could he do with the house to himself? Oh, there was so much he could do! For right now, however, he just wanted to sleep. He flopped over onto his side, and started to doze.

An hour later he woke. Yeah, he was hungry.

Feet up in the air, he flung them down and used his momentum to twist off the couch and stand. He sauntered into the kitchen, and began tearing into things, trying to find something to eat.

Marie had left some fruit on the counter, so he had some of that, though it wasn’t very filling and, wow, did he make a mess of it. The expensive bread on the counter helped make a tastier meal, though the pumpkin pie next to it was definitely the best part. He looked around guiltily as he polished off the pie, but paused only momentarily before he licked the tin.

Belly full, he wandered back into the living room before deciding, yeah, maybe the backyard would be more fun. He wandered back into the kitchen, out the back door, and into the yard. He remembered Marie saying something about the rose bushes earlier this week, and walked over to them. Without thinking much about it, started digging. The ground was soft enough that digging was easy. Once he had a big enough hole, he stopped, then ran back into the house.

He had just started running around the living room again, seeing how many loops he could do around the living room without touching the floor, using the couch, the chair, the other couch, the table and a giant leap between the last two, when the front door opened. Distracted and unable to stop his momentum, he landed on the chair and tipped it over, landing sprawled on the floor just past it.

Marie paused at the front door looking at the disaster of the living room, and cried out, “CHOCOLATE!”

Chocolate looked over at Marie from the floor where he lay, and wagged his tail.

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