Remove extended attributes of OSX files


Remove extended attributes of mac OSX files

# Use the xattr command. You can inspect the extended attributes:
$ xattr s.7z
# and use the -d option to delete one extended attribute:
$ xattr -d s.7z
$ xattr s.7z
# you can also use the -c option to remove all extended attributes:
$ xattr -c s.7z
$ xattr s.7z
# xattr -h will show you the command line options, and xattr has a man page.


Do you believe this still works in El Capitan?

The man page is similar:

$ man xattr

XATTR(1)                  BSD General Commands Manual                 XATTR(1)

     xattr -- display and manipulate extended attributes

     xattr [-lrsvx] file ...
     xattr -p [-lrsvx] attr_name file ...
     xattr -w [-rsx] attr_name attr_value file ...
     xattr -d [-rsv] attr_name file ...
     xattr -c [-rsv] file ...
     xattr -h | --help

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