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A beautiful gift


I don't like crowds. Everyone close to me knows this fact, knows that groups of about 40 is my limit, knows that I'd rather "gouge my eyes out with hot forks of displeasure" than fight the good cheer of the shopping crowds around Christmas time.

So, when Kris asked me to run errands with him today, errands that included shopping, I carefully weighed the joy of spending a rare day with Kris against the value of the four months of my soon-to-be shortened life that I'd lose from the stress of crowds, and answered, "Sure!"

I made it to Starbucks before the thought of the impending crowds made me ball up into a classic defensive pose and wish I were anywhere but in the car driving to the mall.

Kris must have sensed the "Everyone, why are you not home sloth-like watching television? Why must you all be on the streets right now?" vibes eminating from my body, because around that moment, he gave me the most beautiful, the most joyous, the happiest gift he has given me in the last year:

He followed my driving directions, and turned left when I suggested it.

He hasn't done that since 2004.