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I can't stand solicitors. In particular, I don't like phone or door-to-door solicitors. I think it's because I don't like having to say no to people. I know they are just "doing their job," but their job intrudes upon my life and I don't like the intrusions.

When someone calls, I try to be polite. I usually start with, "Can you tell me your name and your phone number?" When they ask why, I'll explain, "This number is on the National Do-Not-Call list. By making this call, you owe me $500. I'd like to know where to send the bill. So, what did you say your name was again?" They'll usually hang up.

Unless it's a political call. Apparently those are excepted from the rule. Bastards.

So, this morning, the door bell rang while I was getting ready for work. Puzzled, I went into the kitchen to see who was at the door.


I really should put curtains up on the windows. I really should put up screeening monitors for the porch. Hell, even just the no solicitors sign would be an improvement.

The old woman at the door saw me as I looked out the window, so I wandered back to the front door and opened it. much to my surprise, the womn introduced herself as a local real estate agent. She then started asking questions.

"When do you think you might want to sell your house?"


"Oh, that long?"

"Yes, that long. We're not moving any time soon."

"Oh. Where did you move from?"

"Burlingame." I was trying for "Burlington," as in "Burlington, Washington," but it didn't come out right.

"Oh. How long have you been here?"

"Ten years."

"Oh. When will you be thinking of selling?"


"That long?"

"Yes, that long," I repeated.

"Where will you move to?"

"Boston." Where did that come from? Boston? Why the hell would I move to Boston? I just returned from Indiana, and wasn't that the adventure?

"Oh, but the weather is so cold there. Why would you trade in this weather for that weather?"

"It won't happen for a while."

She laughed, and offered her card. "Well, if you would take my card, in case you change your mind."

I accepted it, said good bye, closed the door, walked over to the trash bag and threw away her card. Kris wandered out, "2020, eh?"

"Uh, yeah."

"So, we have thirteen more years in the house, do we?"

"Looks like it."

"Great. Can we landscape now?"