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Small world


Wanna hear small world?

On days after Velocity, Kris will drive me to the nearest Starsbuck closest to his work, and drop me off. I'll order a milk and some other item, usually pumpkin bread, sometimes oatmeal, possibly something else. The baristas will comment on my milk ("Milk? Just milk? Ice? (No.) Mocha? (No.) Steamed? (No.) Just milk? (Yes.)). I'll sit down, log onto the wireless, eat and drink and read my overnight spam. Some time later, Doyle will stop by and pick me up, and off to work we'll go. The double carpool works for me. I enjoy it, spending a half hour with Kris, and another half hour with Doyle.

So, I'm here in San Francisco at the Startonomics one-day conference. When I was walking back to my seat on a break, I noticed this guy who I see 2-3 times a week, at the Starsbuck. Just last week, he had been talking to two other guys about starting up a company, and the technical things they needed to do. Well, two of the three guys were talking technical, the other guy was talking nonsense, but we'll ignore that fact for the moment.

The guy in question is there nearly every time I am, but last week was the first time I had heard him speak. It was a moment not unlike when movies began to be heard: some people's voices do not match their face. This guy is one of those people. I was expecting a low voice. Actually, I was expecting a voice like Paul's, and not, by far, what I heard.

I wonder if I should say hello.

Maybe I'll wait until our next join Starsbuck visit.

P.S. Yes, I know. Starsbuck. It's on purpose. Ask Kris.

Update: This world is smaller than I thought it was, and smaller than I want it to be. THAT client is apparently here at this conference. The client that over one year later STILL owes the company money. Maybe if I actually run into the "I'm not a Jackass" jackass, I can tell him just how much I despise both him and his business practices.

Doyle says I'd be better just ignoring the guy.