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Velocity times three


Breanne commented to Kris this morning that, hey, you've been to all three workouts this week. That hasn't happened in... And then she turned to look at me, eyes BIG. "YOU, TOO!" she called out, after realizing that I hadn't been to all three in months, like many months, like maybe five or six of them.

Yeah. Well, injuries. Other than the wart and a slight tweak in my right quad, I'm injury free. And intend to stay that way with lots of warmups and stretching. And more warmups.

I was careful with my warmups this morning, mostly because of the quad. I ran the 50% and 75% runs at the speed of the other two women in my warmup group of three. I ran the 100% at the pace of one of the other two women in my group, who had a nice stride. She has fabulous arms and good running form. I suspect she was an athlete in high school or college, before Life Happened, and athletics were no longer so important in her life.

That last 100% I ran at my 100%. I may be the slowest on my ultimate team now, but I don't intend on staying there. If I can warm up well, and stay injury-free, next March should be a good tryout season. Even Kris mentioned that he'd consider coming out of retirement to play club ultimate (frisbee) again. I think that pick-up ultimate is killing him with it's lack of structure. And defense. Lack of defense.

After the brutal Monday workout, and the easier, but still, Wednesday workout, this morning's workout was a breeze.

Four rounds of body weight sets of:

20 pull ups
30 push ups
40 sit ups
50 squats

I remember when Kris and I used to do three sets of 140 squats twice a week. I remembered those, and managed to do the 50 squats in one set. The situps I also managed to do without stopping, though with considerable effort.

The pushups and pullups? No chance. No chance at all.

Those were done in sets of 10. Well, maybe 5 on a couple.