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Third day at Nationals


So, today begins the third day of games with a games against Amp. For some reason, Amp has always been a big Mischief competitor. I can't help but wonder if it's because Amp uses Drupal as their website platform.

I crack me up.

The weather is, of course, sucky. And, honestly, the players aren't much better. Since I stopped playing this season, I've tried very hard (VERY VERY hard) to stay emotionally uninvested in the games. Sure, I'll cheer when Mischief scores, and I'll gasp when someone goes down, but when a foul call is made or a bad calll is made, I say nothing. I'm not playing, it's not my call.

And let me tell you, as anyone who's played with me in the last 15 years knows, my not saying something is a HUGE deal.

I ALWAYS know what's going on and am ALWAYS right.


Except when I'm not.


This game was way hard to keep my mouth shut with the horrible mutterings and mean spirited heckles coming out of both teams. My "Yeah, Right" muttered loud enough for few people to hear unleashed anger from Doyle that subsequently unleashed a fury from me.

I don't like that person when she comes out. Unfortunately, I was unable to find ANYWHERE on the field where I could both get away from the spite and see the field well enough to take stats.

Had I thought about it, I would have put my ear plugs in.

quarters vs amp
wind bad. cold.
WAIT WAIT WAIT doyle can heckle, but I can't? wtf?
3-5 amp up 2 breaks
no, make that 3
so tell me, how can amp suck so badly, requiring the play in game, then play like this? do they have only two speeds off and vs-mischief?
there is no place on this field I can stand without becoming annoyed and frustrated with the negative b.s. talk on the sidelines from both t
that was "from both teams."
from amp "yes, I knocked here down, but I didn't foul her."
"why do you keep calling foul?" "why do you keep fouling me?"
5-7 on giz to kyle layout grab
6-7 dano to em
mark to kyle - did he toe the field? one amp guy says yes, one says no. disc comes back
wind dies when they have disc. OF COURSE.
6-9 after half
11-9 on kyle to doyle
h.b. adam
adam to kyle blade, 12-9
softcap on
7 turns so far
maybe 13-9 several injuries and calls, including mark with the injury
yep 13-9 chucky to adam

Around here is when Lyndsay asked me if I wanted to go in. We were up four points and the softcap went on a good ten minutes ago. We need to score only one more point, why not go in.

Oh, was I tortured by that question.

I had brought my cleats.

I wanted to go in.

I so wanted to go in.

Instead, I turned to Lyndsay and said, "There is no hard cap in this game. You have to win it outright. I don't feel comfortable going in knowing that."

She looked at me, turned and walked away.

We needed to put the universe line in and finish the game.

We didn't.

ours is the only quarters still going
no hard cap in this game, since its not a placement game. this could be our undoing, given how relaxed the team is right now
gah. this point is killing me.
oh god 13-12
14-12 andy to mark

And yet won anyway.

Our last game of the day was against Shazam.

That FY-YAR from yesterday? Yeah, not here today. Too many unforced errors and luck not going our way. Shazam set the pace of the game and controlled it. We never calmed down from the frenzied pace they set. At Regionals it took a misthrown disc to break us out of the frenzy last time. Will was sick so we didn't have his poor aim today.

semis against shazam in 1 hour
semis against shazam starting now. flycoons vs alpha cobra squadron in the other one
the wind which has been dead for the last hour, chooses to gush now.
some shazam person was ranting on the sideline about the violation calls. leventhal's response? "this seems to really upset you..."
"... is there something we can do for you?"
unfortunate power dump for 30+ yards. they score. 4-5
4-6 on drop
time out mischief
double teaming zone is no match for andy pickett and gizmo 5-6
5-9 after half
yeah I give up. this team is giving heart attacks.
wtf. the observer called the score before the catch
shazam double teaming, we're not calling it
timeout shaz, 17 yards from goalline
okay this freaking sucks. where is the mischief of yesterday?
hi kris.
7-12 dano blade to nick
8-12 kyle flick to adam b
point from hell
still going
shaz time out
still going
kyle to leventhal toeing the line 9-12
I don't think I could play at this level again. way too much stress
paul on goal line to nick 10-13

Last week, Kris and I were talking about the number of games teams play at Nationals. The most you can play is nine, if you need to play pre-quarters game. You'd play three the first day (everyone does), three the second day (if you play the pre-quarters game, otherwise you play two), two the second day (quarters and semis) and one the last day (finals). The least you can play is seven if you lose in the semis and didn't need to play the pre-quarters game.

I guess we had a light tournament this time.

What I'm really trying to say is, "GO FLYCOONS!"