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Comfort food


I have noticed I have been seeking out comfort food a lot lately. I am unsurprised, however, given the confluence of events that have happened in the last eight months, some of them of my own making, others not. While chocolate is my usual go-to comfort food, I eat it regularly enough that the low level comfort it provides doesn't provide nearly the buffer needed to weather the most recent events.

And, so, grilled cheese sandwiches have become a frequent visitor to my dinner table.

So much so, that I am saddened by the closing of a hipster grilled-cheese (only?) sandwich shop in the Mission.

Saddened, and emboldened to become a master grilled-cheese-sandwich chef!

I've had a number of variations, but the one I like the most currently, and default to most easily, is the one Tom helped me build:

It is a tomato, smoked gouda, extra sharp cheddar grilled cheese sandwich on whatever bread happens to be handy. If none are available, I've taken to buying the smallest loaf. I rarely finish an entire loaf of bread, too much wheat, making the smallest loaf the best choice for me. Tonight's was walnut something or other, so was especially tasty. I love how the crust is crunch. Crusty, crunchy, crusts are the best.

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