Thoughts on a California Curfew


California went into curfew tonight. All non-essential businesses must be closed between 10pm and 5am for purple (the worst) rated counties (most of us) for the next month.

On the news, we hear people interviewed saying, "This is stupid. What the virus is going to be more active from 10pm until morning?"

Which shows just how much our country lacks any type of critical thinking skills and any form of creativity. It also shows just how disrespectful people are, which is one of the many reasons were are in this mess in the first place.

Heaven forbid people could actually speculate on what is actually happening. Heaven forbid people would actually try to understand the reasoning for a measure, or understand why the curfew would be considered a helpful measure.

Allow me to, once again, think for the people who choose not to think, and speculate for just 3 minutes. I set my timer for three minutes and...

1. Curfew means that traditionally late night venues will need to be closed. Said late night venues include bars and strip joints, both places where people drink alcohol. Drinking means no mask, which means higher transmission rates. Alcohol also means lowered inhibitions which means people are more likely to engage in risky behaviors leading to the spread of the virus. Curfew reduces these vectors.

2. Curfew forces people back into their homes, if they have one, early. This means that people will leave whatever (stupid, idiotic) larger group they may be in and in a place where they can be sheltering. Curfew breaks apart larger group that may happen in the evening.

Wow, typing this up, and I'm only at one minute and forty five seconds so far.

3. Curfew means that law enforcement and health workers have a chance at a break, a moment to breathe, before needing to care for the idiots who are not sheltering during the day. Wouldn't that be nice?

4. Curfew is an experiment to see if we can reduce transmission rates by altering this part of people's behavior.

Meh. Rather than complaining about the rule, maybe the irresponsible person being interviewed could, you know, show some curiosity and find out WHY the rule went into effect.

Oh, I just found out the interviewed person I quoted above is a Republican. OF FUCKING COURSE. Republicans are the group of irresponsible people who like to believe you can wish away an organism that is LITERALLY KILLING US. Explains his response: he wants to fight reason, fight science, manipulate people to keep power.

Good lord. I hope he catches Covid-19, has it very bad, and survives.

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