The Light Brigade

Book Notes

Democracy in Chains

Book Notes

The Books are Talking


We are in Buenos Aires, far from my home.

I am alerted to a loud noise inside my house, thousands of miles away. I ask Mom and Eric to investigate, worried that I've just started the tense moments of a horror show.

Eric walks over to the bookcase I have recently moved into the living room - gym - office - dining room space. The bookcase holds a large number of hardback books, most of which I'm interested in reading, but have not read yet.

Eric looks at the books. He pauses at each section, possibly reading the titles of each. He lingers. I watch.

And wonder what those books are saying about me. Are they telling Eric I'm messed up? Are they telling him I"m technical? Are they telling him I'm suddenly, weirdly fascinated by history?

Or are they telling him I'm human?

And love to read.

Water Lost


There was water in the canal today, which puzzled me, as our irrigation was yesterday. I followed the flow back upstream to find where one of the properties was taking water, and immediately felt regret.

I installed a gate just past my neighbor's lowest port so that we wouldn't need to use leaky checks in the canal to divert water into our yards. The neighbor receiving water this morning was using a leaky check, and water was flowing around his check and down into the canal, pretty much to wash away or evaporate. I've been considering installing a tank and small pump to gather this wasted water, useful when I overflow my berms or decide to plant trees on the property.

Today, however, I simply watched, a little sad, as the water flowed, burbling quietly, reminding me of Salt Creek on a lazy childhood summer afternoon.

The Daily Lime

Daily Photo

The irrigation floods come today. I asked a couple neighbors if I could pick up the citrus under their trees before their yards flood. The sheep like the citrus, and, well, for the most part, so do I. The sheep will eat some that are a little farther gone than I will, but still.

I ended up with a gardening wagon full of limes. I am delighted



"I don't understand why you bought a [clothes] dryer if you never use them."

"I don't understand why you think I don't use a clothes dryer."