Pulls up chair...


The question is not, "Will I succeed?" but rather, "What should I attempt?"

Well, let me tell you about what I'm attempting...

"Only what you take with you."


Watched the Obi Wan Kenobi saga on Disney Plus earlier, S1:E3 Part III most recently. It had a scene in it where the dialog went something like,

Obi Wan: "What have you become?"
Vader: "I have become what you have made me."

To which I thought, "You narcissistic asshole. You had choices. You made your choices. F'ing own your choices instead of blaming other people for your shitty life choices, you f--k."

And when the smoke cleared from the mask, I saw my own face.

The Older I Get


From Albert Camus, to René Char,

“The older I get, the more I find that you can only live with beings who liberate you, and who love you with an affection that is as light to bear as it is strong to feel… This is how I am your friend, I love your happiness, your freedom, your adventure…and I would like to be for you the companion you are sure of, always.”

Uh... no.


I'm ----- ---------, General Manager at ---------- -------- Super Ford ---- ---- ---- ----. We are still VERY INTERESTED in purchasing your vehicle and we have an easy way for you to get a quote completely online. All you need is your License Plate or VIN Number to get started.

Nice email, and I'm sure you are, but no. No no no.

Hear the laughter from the next room


i hope death is like being carried to your bedroom when you were a child & fell asleep on the couch during a family party. i hope you can hear the laughter from the next room

Source: (though I think this tweet is gone) https://twitter.com/petfurniture/status/1355363007950446593

Holding the Heat


At dinner time tonight, I noticed that everyone across from me was in four layers. For each of them, the top layer was a puffy jacket. Surprised by this, I asked S if he were cold. No, he said, he felt fine. If he took off the jacket, however, he'd be cold.

I was sitting there, quite comfortable in a t-shirt and my long-sleeved t-shirt hoodie. And with the sleeves pulled up to my elbows.

As someone who has always run cold, running warm is an interesting curiosity.

I know that I can go short sleeves until 16˚C if I'm moving and minimal wind. I know that 15˚ is when I put on the long sleeved t-shirt, if I'm not moving, and 12˚ is when I do wear if moving, not in sun, or if there is wind. I know that climbing up the mountain, I'm in a t-shirt, long-sleeved hoodie t-shirt, and an R1 Patgonia fleece, and I'm just fine down to 8˚ no wind. Hell, if Baker is any indication, I'm good down to -2˚C with those three layers, and likely still sweating at the end.

What I didn't know, and hadn't realized, is that my heat lingered into stillness.

Either that fat adaptation thing is working, or high altitude is working some seriously strange numbers on my body. Those hot flashes earlier this year meant nothing to the raging heat I produce these days!

Also, the soup is consistently good on this trip.

bowl of pumpkin soup