Still life with Gatorade

Daily Photo

This cup reminded me of the time when I was leaving the post office after picking up my mail and following an old guy out of the building. As I followed him, he veered to the opposite side of the stairs from the easiest path, and reached out to kick a paper cup that was sitting on the floor-to-ceiling window sill on the outside of the building.

His kick wasn't particularly graceful, his having missed the cup the first couple swings. Eventually he did manage to kick it and move it out of its resting place, which was away from foot traffic, and out into the middle of the stairs.

He then proceeded to kick the cup until it landed at the bottom of the stairs, in the middle of the sidewalk. He then started to walk away.

I was passing him at this point. He turned to look up at me, as I was stepping off the last step, and said, "Darn kids these days! They have no respect!"

I couldn't help but think if the old man had spent as much energy actually picking up the trash and throwing it away, as he did in moving the trash into everyone's way, the city would be much cleaner.

Darn old people. They have no smarts left.