No no no, you don't need that one.


So, I was looking at a health website, and came across a post on "5 Tips for Exercise Motivation." Exercise that isn't group exercise (read: ultimate frisbee) is difficult for me to stick with. Which isn't to say I don't move a lot, I do, but that's because not moving hurts, not because I'm motivated to move more. So, exercise motivation? Sure, I'll give it a read.

So, I read them. The tips are/were:

Find a support system
Think positive
Make a commitment
Celebrate the small successes
Select comfortable workout clothes

Because How Could She Be Competent?


Misogyny is alive and well in our "modern" era. I mean, when you're reading about this amazing find of lapis lazuli in a medieval woman's teeth, and you come across the paragraph,

The Gap of Fifty Years


Let's contrast the difference nearly fifty years makes, shall we?

Check out the lyrics for "Cool Kids":

She sees them walking in a straight line,
That's not really her style
And they all got the same heartbeat
But hers is falling behind
Nothing in this world could
Ever bring them down
Yeah, they're invincible, and she's just in the background
And she says

Life Blog Post


"Yeah, he said, 'Less tech and more life blog posts please. ;)'"

"So, yet another guy telling you what to post on your site."

"Seems to be a trend."

Sloppy Vetting? More Like Sloppy Slamming


Okay, I have this stack of paperwork that is the accumulation of I don't know how many other piles of paperwork. I've managed to go through the easy stuff in the pile, leaving this remaining stack of papers that I need to Deal With™. Part of the reason that The Stack™ hasn't been dealt with is that I actually need to DO something with the papers, something more than "put in a box to scan later."

This Morning's Donut Rant


Today's rant brought to you by Not Me™, if you can believe that.

Normally, Friday's here are "Bagel Fridays." For some reason, today is Donut Friday.

These people keep cutting 1/3rd off a donut, and taking it to there desk.

Sometimes even less.


As a response, I have made 3 trips to the kitchen, to snag up all the fragmental donuts, which I put on a plate, bring back to my desk, and eat the remains.

Probably had about 5.666 donuts thus far. And the morning is still young.

Ten minutes later...

It bothers my OCPD, my sense of symmetry, and destroys my faith in the Yoot of America.

Newest Pet Peeve


Okay, I have a new pet peeve. No, wait, this isn't new, but it is definitely a growing one.

Said pet peeve is when someone brings a laptop into a meeting and taps away on it all during the meeting, ignoring the meeting happening around him. Said tapping is worse when said "him" is a junior developer who needs to hear what is being said in said meeting.

Smaller Holes Next Time


Okay, seriously, who thinks large holes in a cinnamon jar is a good idea?

Holes like these:

... mean that the spice dumps out fast into the oatmeal bowl or cookie batter or whatever. I mean, if your goal is to sell more spice, I guess the larger hole is the correct design choice, but really, no.

So, I switched spice tops:

Now, the spice flows more slowly, and at a better rate.

Legibility. Or not.


If your site takes a while to load and this is how you style your page without javascript turned on, I recommend reconsidering your choices.

Even if your site doesn't take a while to load for you, it will for the person on 2G on the other side of the world.

Unless, of course, you don't care about your site being accessible or legible. I can understand that not-caring.

Related, no, I'm not going to turn on javascript to view your site. If you can't render on the server and render well, learn.

Slam and a Commentary


Okay, first a slam, and then a commentary.


Hi Kit,

Hope you're well. I noticed your went to CalTech and wanted to see if you'd be interested in ...

Kitt with two Ts.

Are is a linking verb, so, "[I] hope you are good," or "[I] hope you are doing well."

The shortened name of the California Institute of Technology is spelled "Caltech," with a little t.

And I noticed you, not your, went, though you could make it your if you added a gerund after it and continued the sentence, "I noticed your graduating from Caltech and wanted ..."