Asking the right questions


Six years ago, my mother's husband's sister died. Really, though, it's easier to just say, "An aunt of mine died."

An aunt of mine died. There. I said it that way.

She died.

One of the things that annoyed me most about her death, I mean, aside from the whole death thing itself, was the callous nature of the dissemination of her death. Look, I understand that her death was "unnatural," and I understand that sugar coating what happened doesn't change what happened, but it's still hard when a loved one passes away and people are callous about the whole thing.

(Wow, my site is all about death recently. Maybe a "Kitt, better to embrace life going forward than mourn its loss looking backward" is in order.)

What was in my bag tonight


So, I emptied my bag this evening. It's been getting heavier and heavier, in direct proportion to how carefully I pack it (which, admittedly has been very Tetris perfect as of late).

In it, I realized I've been carrying around:

1 wallet
1 laptop
2 cell phones
2 cameras
4 camera batteries
40GB of SD cards
1 Kindle
12 cables of different flavors
4 power cords
3 iPods (no, don't ask)
5 mini-pads
2 tampons
a pack of kleenex
a printout of photographer's rights
1 USB drive
2 paperclips
1 binder clip
3 moleskine notebooks
5 pens
220 yellow index cards of various levels of completion
1 SD card reader
4 dental floss containers, all unused
3 hair ties
20 bandaids
1 anti-bacterial pouch
2 Waterfield pouches
1 Pelican hardcase
2 1" buttons
1 work badge
16 $1 coins
$1.17 in small change
2 $5 bills

I really need to carry fewer items around.