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The Daily Lime

Daily Photo

The irrigation floods come today. I asked a couple neighbors if I could pick up the citrus under their trees before their yards flood. The sheep like the citrus, and, well, for the most part, so do I. The sheep will eat some that are a little farther gone than I will, but still.

I ended up with a gardening wagon full of limes. I am delighted

Feather on the Blade

Daily Photo

Eric left a giftie for Mom. It stuck.

Bulk Spices

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I've been cooking enough recently that spices have been completely overwhelmingly expensive. Buying two ounce jars at six dollars a jar becomes too much for spices when you use up the jar in three meals.

Mom showed me the bulk spice section at Sprouts, and now I am relieved that I can cook with abandon again.


Daily Photo

Eric and Mom went scorpion hunting tonight. Apparently there were ... a lot tonight.

Sometimes, You Find the Strangest Things

Daily Photo

Trying to move a new treadmill into the house, I needed a wood plank to widen the sidewalk. Found this behind one of the ones left in the garage.

Yes, I find it strange, too.

Doing This Right

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Blimey Limey!

Daily Photo

Morning View

Daily Photo

Wednesdays I usually send Dad a camel picture or animation for Hump Day.

Today, he received a view off my front step.