That went better.


That went much better.

The first night of MPUL was tonight. We had attendance issues (12 on a winter league team is 6 too few), and gender issues (my team forfeited for lack of women players), but people showed up. They seemed to have fun, too.

So, I'm happy.

Kris gets all the fun


I wasn't able to make class because I needed to be at MPUL tonight, so Kris went by himself. He said he had a great time doing sprinting drills. Here's what he gave me as his workout tonight.

Accelerations in the parking lot

    A twist on the catch the ball before it bounces twice, a cone was placed away from G (not sure how far). Kris ran from the starting point to the cone, planted and cut towards G. At the foot plant, G dropped a tennis ball. Kris was to catch it before the second bounce. 6-8 of these

Sprinting with bands

    With bands around his waist and G pulling backward on them, Kris did three sets of resistance sprinting. The first one was with small steps: feet moving just over ankles for quick feet work. The second was with high knees. The third was just sprinting as fast as he could.


This circuit was a doozie. Probably would have worked better if I had been there to give Kris a bit of a rest.

  • Jump rope
  • Ice skaters with bands on legs, done in a semi circle. The first set with R foot in center, clockwise, then again counter-clockwise. The next set with L foot in center, CW and CCW.
  • 4 boxes: hop over with both feet, then L, then R
  • Side-to-sides over the weightbench (nominally the same as over the wood box, but higher by 50%)
  • Frog hopping along 4 cones with both feet, land on R foot, hold, then sprint. Repeat for L foot. For the last 3, G calls out which foot to land on
And that would be two times through that circuit. Ooof. I'm telling you, Kris gets all the good ones.

Wall sit

    Sit along the wall (i.e. back on the wall, legs at 90°), 25# weight on lap.

Abs (lower)

  • 6-12" leg holds
  • swimmers
  • crossovers
  • partner leg throw downs
  • 6-12" leg holds with partner pushdown (ugh!)

Bunch of whiners.


Apparently, it doesn't matter what you do when you run a draft. Everyone and his brother is going to whine about what team he ended up on.

Mom's comment:

    There are always people who whine ... and there are always people in any organization who never do anything and then complain or figure they can run it better, although they never step up and commit to a project.

May I see your ID?


I went to the grocery store today to buy fondue makings (cheese fondue makings, to be exact, for a dinner party Keith and Katie were giving with Christina and Wade). I went to Whole Foods in particular because the recipe I had selected included some bizarre cheeses I had never heard of, and Whole Foods has a great cheese selection (no kirsch, but lots of cheese). While there, I picked up all the ingredients, including some tasty wine.

Pretty much the only time I purchase alcohol these days is for cooking or for someone else (like when I'm having a party and I know someone wants beer). Which is probably the main reason why I was confused when the cashier asked, "May I see your ID?"

My first reactions was, of course, "Pardon?"

"May I see your ID?"

"My ID?"

"Yes, your ID."



"Yes, why?"

At this point, I'm holding out my credit card, having already run it through the POS (that's point-of-sale, not piece-of-shit (another handy acronym I use frequently)) box. I was quite confused, as cashiers rarely confirm my signature on the back of my card, even when they say, "SEE DRIVER'S LICENSE" on the back of them. And this card was even signed, so there was even less reason to ask for my ID, couldn't she just look at the back of my credit card?

"For the wine."



I quickly apologized and pulled out my license. I haven't been that embarrassed in front of a 20 year-old in a long, long time.

Another Bella Seizure


Bella had another seizure tonight. I was in the office (working on MPUL stuff), and Kris was in the living room, playing online poker. I heard Kris say, "Bella, what's wrong?", before he yelled for me to come quick.

I dashed out to the living room, to see Bella in the green pillow, all tense, with very shallow breathing. Kris was standing over her, just flapping in arms looking down at her. When I asked him what I should do, take videos (the vet wanted a video of her behaviour to confirm diagnosis of seizures) or something, he said, just hold her, pet her.

So, I cuddled up next to Bella, started talking to her, making soothing noises. The seizure lasted about 4 minutes: 11:24 to 11:28, according to the VCR.

And Kris. What did Kris do? What did he do after I started petting Bella, soothing her to relax while this nasty seizure passed? What did he do?

He went back to play online poker.

Yay, Kris.

When you have muscles


Here's something I bet you never realized about muscles: when you have them, you can pull them.

For the first time in my life, I pulled a muscle in my chest. I kid you not. Who pulls a chest muscle? I was in a triangle pose, stretching my hamstring, and decided to move into reverse triangle pose. When I shifted to drop my hand to the floor to loosen my hips, a muscle in my chest pulled.

It affects me only when I try to move into that pose again and when I try to do pullups. I can still throw fine. But still. Who pulls a chest muscle? And since when do I have chest muscles?