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Alias Volume 2

Book Notes

Yep, another night of watching Jessica Jones Netflix Original episodes, followed by the comic original version. This evening was Alias Volume 2 (and Alias Volume 3, be unsurprised).

I found the artwork in this issue interesting in the actual definition of "interesting" and not the politically correct version of "I think this is ass, but don't want to hurt your feeling, so I will use the word 'interesting' in place of 'piece of shit' interesting."

A girl goes missing, and Jones is hired to find her. The girl is artistically talented, intellectually curious, and socially angry at the small-minded, hate-inspiring nature of her home town. There isn't much mystery to the plotline (which encompasses books 11-15 of the Alias series, meaning issue 10 is (looks askance) elsewhere), but the social commentary makes the book worth reading. I would argue doubly so in these hate-fill times where the issues raised in the book are more prevalent 10+ years after publication.

I'm enjoying the series, as I am beginning to be drawn into the Netflix version. I'm looking forward to (oh, crap, I've already finished) the next collection.

More so, in that I've read the wikipedia page and kinda (read as "do") know what's going on.

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