Starting young


I went over to Keith and Katie's this evening to meet up with Katie to talk book keeping. There were a couple quirks with the software I had, and didn't know how to enter some things into the books correctly, and needed her help.

After dinner, my bookkeeping lesson, and a quick shower for the kids, Katie, the kids and I sat down at the couch to socialize. At one point, Mia crawled over Katie, and stepped just so to push Katie's shirt down, initiating a wardrobe malfunction. Katie mumbled something about not showing Mom's nipples, which Alex heard.

Alex: "I have two nipples!"

Me: "I have two nipples, too. They're just covered by my shirt."

Alex: "You can take your shirt off."

Me: "Uh...."

Keith: "Ah, Alex. Practicing his lines on the ladies already."


Open mouth, insert foot


Even when trying to compliment someone, I have no tact.

Today, at the Toil of Tears team fundraising event, Katie worked at one of the worst tasks I had listed: removing the wallpaper from the kitchen walls. Kevin commented that removing the wallpaper from the kitchen was horribly difficult, as he tried when he worked for me last summer. I can't stand painting over wallpaper (or painting over wallpaper over paint over wallpaper over wallpaper over paint over wallpaper), so off it needed to come.

And Katie went to it with gusto, removing over half the wallpaper by the time she was done.

At the end of the day, when she and Keith and Danger were getting ready to leave, I thanked her for all her help, then commented to Kris, "Katie did the crappiest job."

I wanted to die right then. Instead, I made things worse.

"Uh, I mean she did the worst job ever."


"That's not what I meant. I meant the job she did was really bad."


"The task she chose to do sucks. It's a horrible task. She did it spectacularly, but it was a crappy task. Yes, that's what I'm trying to say."


Worst compliment I have ever given.