ASA MVP pre-Thanksgiving workout


G has decided to help me go all-out on my workouts preparing me on my road to Team USA. Instead of working on building muscle with weight-lifting, we did a full plyo class. The class was made "worse" by the presence of another trainer, who was learning the game plan. Having a new guy watching means, of course, we have to show off. Well, at least I did. G did say a couple times that the workout was harder than most because I'm training for team USA, which made me feel good.

We started out with ladders. We had a few more than we normally do. Nominally, we had

  Ali shuffle
  facing sideways, L over R in, L below R in, repeat
  facing sideways, with left foot in, R top bottom, as above
  facing sideways, RL in, RL below, RL in, RL below
  facing sideways, LR in, LR below, etc.
  L hop in/out, R hop in/out
  "hopscotch" with only L foot, again with only R foot
  hopscotch L-R-both
  quick feet: LR in, LRL out, RL in, RLR out 
  cross over: L cross over (foot lands perpendicular to the
    direction of travel), RL out, R cross over, LR
  hip switch (L outside on L, R outside on R, twist, landing
    with feet perpendicular to direction of travel), twist
    back, landing with feet on outside, repeat advancing one
    square.  repeat with other foot first
  two taps: heading L: LR in, LR out; heading R: RL in, RL out
    I caught up to Kris on these.  Zoom!
I was tired already after the ladders. I zipped along hard, both trying to keep up with Kris and showing off for the new guy.

We started the workout outside, with shuttles. With an 8# ball, we shuffled down and back throwing the ball back and forth between each other. We did a progression of 2 lengths (down and back), 4 6 8, then back down 8 6 4 2.

At the first 6, it became apparent that I wasn't doing them correctly. Instead of lowering my butt and staying on my toes, I was shuffling on my heels and leaning forward ("hunching over"). So, at 6, we rolled the ball instead of throwing it. The point was to practice lowering the rear and staying on the toes. We rolled for the 6 & 8 lengths, returning to throwing for the remaining 8 6 4 2.

Next came the "I of pain" shuffles (perhaps spelled "eye of pain", not sure). 5 cones, each spaced 3 steps (~3 yards) apart. Starting at cone 1, run to cone 2, run backward to cone 1, run to cone 3, run backward to cone 1, etc. Kris did 4. My times were 18.3, 17.9, 18.2, 18.0, 17.9. I did 5 because my time didn't decrease each time. The first 17.9 I cheated on, and didn't go all the way back to cone 1 on one of the backward runs.

Next were some quick feet drills. Ugh-a-rooni. Using a Reebok Step, with one riser, we did 1 set of 3 exercises, and 2 sets of 4 exercises, each for 30 seconds:

  • feet together, jump on the Step, jump off to the side, jump on the Step, jump off to the other side, repeat
  • bound over: two feet together, jump over the Step, landing on the other side, spring immediately to jump back over the other way, continue
  • single step: RL step up, RL step down, LR step up, LR step down
  • single step with crossover: same as the single step, but step up with the outside foot, using arms to explosively bound onto the step

3 sets of jump ropes were next. My goal was 120 jumps in a minute. If I didn't make it, I had to continue with 110 jumps in the second minute. If I didn't make that, it was 100 jumps in the next minute. This trend would continue until I managed the required number of jumps in a minute.

I didn't make it.

I went all the way down to 90 before I was so tired I couldn't manage more than 4 jumps without missing a jump. So, I threw down the jump rope and just jumped for a minute. Even then I had less than 90 jumps, so I had to do them again. Argh.

Kris had the great idea of jumping on the cement, since the cushy floor was causing problems for him. My second jump rope set was no problem, hitting 100 jumps in 52 seconds. Whoo! The third set was back on the squishy surface, and I managed 100 in a minute. Barely.

Next were 3 sets of lunge jumps using the Step. Using the Step meant our lunges were deeper, and the jumps harder. The first set was 15. We had sets of 15 because I stopped 15 times when trying to jump rope. D'oh. When G realized I hadn't swum today, he added another 5 on sets 2 and 3.

Last were abs.

  • bicycles
  • single leg V ups
  • partner throw downs
  • side to sides with 25# (!!!)
  • lying down, 25# straight up, lift straight up
  • lift feet up, hold weight up, lift weight to touch feet
  • lying down, weight (8# at this point) over head, do V up bringing weight over to touch knees
  • 6-12" leg holds
  • lower back: supermans, twist lifts, lift straight up.

My upper butt and butt sides hurt.

Underwear: part 1


When I was in high school, we lived in a house with 2 bathrooms: one for my mom and her husband, the other for the three of us kids. Bathroom use worked out fairly well, as BJ's school started a 1/2 hour after Chris' and mine, and I liked to sleep in. ("Liked"? Who am I kidding? I still like to sleep in.)

Chris would take a shower first in the morning. Yep, we're a family of morning-showers. He had the unpleasant habit of leaving his dirty underwear in the bathroom when he was done showering. Even after we asked him not to, he'd leave them on the bathroom floor. Every morning BJ and I would stumble into the bathroom to get ready for school, Chris' underwear greeted us.

We tried many tactics to get Chris to pick up his underwear. We complained to Mom. We picked them up and left them on his bed. We played soccer with them as the ball, in front of him and his friends. We used them as weapons of mass destruction.

No luck.

About that 3rd bag


Open letter to the woman who I met on the jetway this morning (yes, you who glared at me, and muttered to your friend, "The carry-on baggage limit is two, not three."):


I heard you this morning muttering under your breath about my three carry-on bags. I would like to state the apparently not-so-obvious about the situation:

  1. When you speak at conversation level on a jetway, you're probably yelling.
  2. The combined weight of me and my three bags is probably less than your weight alone. That's saying something, too, because I pack my backpack heavy.
  3. I assure you, the combined volume of me and my three bags is less than the volume of your person alone.
  4. Only you complained about my bags. The ticket agent didn't. Security didn't. The gate ticket agent didn't. The flight attendant didn't. Just you.
  5. If you had sat in the same row as I, I would have had to put my bag on you, because my laptop is so big, it needs its own seat.
  6. The contents of bag 2 fit easily into bag 3. However, carrying half on each side is easier on the back. You might have realized this if you hadn't made your companion carry all of your stuff.

So, next time, please mutter directly to me, so that I can let you know I really don't give a flying rats ass (or mallard duck, as the case may be) about your obsession with my luggage.

Thanks for listening, lady.

Common Face


As I was waiting for my flight to Denver, a gentleman approached me and asked if he could ask an odd question. He didn't give me the willies, so, sure. He asked if I were from Colorado. When I answered no, he seemed disappointed. He went on to explain how he taught classes for 30 years, and how he thought I looked like one of his students. Being over 30 years old myself, and that he couldn't quite place me, I'd say he was thinking of a student from a long while ago.

Alas, I'm not one of the Heimlen girls (with an M, that I'm sure) he once taught. I explained I'm asked that question often (because I am) and that apparently I have a common face.

He smiled and walked away almost convinced I wasn't a Heimlen girl.

Another trip


Another trip to Colorado. This time is for a league conference. I'm very excited about the conference. I'll be meeting up with other ultimate players who also organize leagues around the country. I've been talking to Mike about my 'league in a box' idea, and he believes it's a great idea. (Yes, another Great Idea TM. I need to get more of them done. Let Great Ideas TM, more action.)

I am, however, nervous about the trip. Kris is home sick, having come down with a viral infection of some sort. He was non-functioning yesterday and only semi-functioning today. I hate to leave him alone when he's ill. He, of course, was never ill before he met me. I mean, he couldn't have been because he didn't have me there to take care of him.

I'm also flying on a new airline for me. Not being a particularly good flyer, new airlines, or anything out of my comfort zone when flying for that matter, are stressful for me. Make that disstressful. Coupled with the fact that I'm flying alone and we have here one unhappy woman.

On the other hand, it'll be four days with Elizabeth and Sandie. Now that'll be a great four days!

$25 to Hump a Stranger's Leg

Annie, the beagle

Annie went to doggie daycare today. Kris was up at 6:10 (much earlier than we get up normally, by a LOT), and out the door by 7:00. Since this was Annie's first trip to the doggie daycare, she needed to arrive early so that she could greet other dogs as they came into the room. The alternative was introducing her to a mob of 20 dogs (stressful for any dog!).

The doggie daycare (DDC from now on) has a webcam where you can watch the room. Whenever I watched, Annie looked lost: standing around looking sad.

Bella the taskmaster


This evening, after working all afternoon on a project with Mike, I did not want to go for my daily run. I was supposed to have an SFUC game, but the weather didn't cooperate, and the game was cancelled. So, the daily 2 mile run was on the schedule instead.

As mentioned, I did not want to go on this run. So, I head into the office to start working again on the project. Bella, the short, stinky one, comes up to me and starts pawing my leg. She was so cute, I started petting her.

We often play a game of chase. It usually starts with my getting down into the doggie I-want-to-play position (think: all fours, front paws out in front, butt in the air). When Bella catches on, she'll bay, then run away, usually to the other side of the house. I get up and chase her. When I catch up to her, she bays again. I then turn and run the other way to the other end of the house. She chases me, and bays when she catches me. We then repeat this until either I get tired, she gets bored or Kris yells at me for creating a Crazy Dog.

After a few moments of petting Bella this evening, she got into the I-want-to-play position and started baying. The chase was on!

We chased each other through the house for over 5 minutes. When we were done, I was all warmed up and ready for a real run.

Despite my rump being sore from last night's workout, I ran the set 2 mile loop in exactly 18 minutes. I was pretty happy (considering Tuesday's night run in 19.5 minutes).

Bella the task master. I'm right on schedule with my ultimate off-season training

Back to the Real World


And today, we're officially back to the Real World, away from the ultimate community. The RW is a strange place to be after 5 days in the UC. I guess the biggest differences are the sense of fairness and the ability to undo.

Think about it: in ultimate, there's the spirit of the game. SOTG (nearly) guarantees respect between individuals. So often in life, that respect is lacking (just drive to the grocery store and count the number of times you have to drive 1/2 the speed limit, get cut off in traffic, have people cut in front of you in line or something similar).

And, if you disagree, you can redo the whole thing! Send the disc back. What a deal. You can agree to disagree. In the RW, it doesn't work that way. In the RW, everyone still disagrees and gets pissy at each other. Bah.

Anyway, Real World. Work. Stuff to do. Life goes on.

Ways to Piss.Me.Off.


There are various ways to piss me off. Actually, there are many, many, many ways to piss me off. Here are just a few that I experienced, why, just this past weekend.

  • Take credit for my work
  • Don't do the work you're paid to do
  • Get mad at me because I can't solve a problem of your creation
  • When you're part of a group, don't pull your own weight
  • Don't give me enough information to help me help you solve your problem
  • Sit around on your ass while your boss is running around like a chicken with her head cut off
  • Tell people my idea was yours
  • Stick your nose in where it doesn't belong
  • Start a job, do a crappy job, then leave it 95% unfinished
  • Lie^H^H^H Exagerate to people about what you do
  • Fail to give credit to all the people who support you
  • Hire someone to do your job because you're too lazy to do it (or maybe can't do it? not sure there), thereby doubling the cost of your job to your employer
  • Do a shitty job
  • In a panic, ask me to solve your problems because you were too clueless to plan ahead
  • Don't plan ahead
  • Waste people's time, thereby burning big favors from said people
  • Dress poorly when it reflects poorly on your employer
  • Show extreme disrespect to your coworkers

I'm not 100% convinced that any one of these things would piss me off by itself. But when the same person does all of them, well, I admit I'm pissed.

One of the problems I have, however, with getting pissed, is that the person I become is not a person I like. I don't like getting angry. I don't like the downward spiral that happens when I start complaining. I don't like that sometimes I need to rant, and that Kris takes the brunt of that ranting. Poor Kris. He's so good to me. But this is an entry about being pissed off...

Personally, I can't stand being angry without a way to solve the problem. I don't want to complain, I want to solve the problem. What's wrong? Fix it.

But how do you fix clueless, egotistical, immature, disrespectful people? With patience? With understanding? With maturity, respect, gentle persuasion and, well, not a little manipulation?


I guess I can give it a try.

Site updated, ready to go public


Finally managed to update the site to Drupal 4.5 and install a node based permissions module that I've been waiting for since Drupal 4.1 when I started this site.

As a result, I can take this site live. Instead of having it hidden behind an unpublished (but public) URL, I can transfer the site to, where it truly belongs.

I think I'll also set up itself to be something similar to, where Jeremy lists sites of people who share his last name, whether he knows them or is related to them or not. There aren't that many Hodsdens, and it's not difficult to set up the DNS for them.

The trick, of course, is going to be stopping search engines or crawlers from hitting sites I don't want to be crawled, such as Sam's and Jackson's sites.